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OHD is equal parts journey and destination. It's wisdom and whimsy. It's part frantic, part folly. It's both scallop and simian. OHD is novelty. It's a conversation. With you. And you. It's experimental. It's risk. It's language and art. It's love. It loves. It moves. It's an invitation. It's an incantation. It's inventive. It's live. It's alive but it also dies. It's open...


released December 14, 2014

all tracks produced by Rob Paterson



all rights reserved


Clarity New York

Clarity is a poet, event curator and quantum traveler from New York that now resides somewhere between this place and the outer limits of imagination.

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Track Name: Lizards & Gizzards
turning minutes into moments
in the morning the poem opens.
this lingering purpose
is a song with a known chorus.
I'm signaling home
from a drone in the old circus
and co-mingling bone
with souls that have grown nervous.

forgive me the bedlam
I let develop in the bedroom.
it was isolated transformation
contemplating the tremendum.

I'm sliding my fingers between
the fleshy underbelly
of a fishy situation
and a land of wonder jelly.
these days are more lizards and gizzards
than blizzards and warfare.
you could say the missiles were positioned
and I'd say thay I won't care.

kaleidoscope notes
got me bent on duality.
I'm manifesting imaginary
magical realities
impenetrable to defenders
of an old and dying galaxy
who wish to see me bludgeoned
with a dull and dirty fallacy.

light, light, dark,
light, dark, dark, light.
it was me inside the mirror
turning off and on the night.
dark, dark, light,
dark, light, light, dark.
it was you outside with fear
and a monster's hand to walk.

and in this balance
every moon moved through me,
exposing the loudest silence
of the ugliest beauty.
Track Name: Yuba River Blues
I'm no telephony guy
I push infinity rods
entangle light
and sit and wright
and trip on riverbed floors -
'til I fucked up and got lost
then found my way like a boss
and in that moment realized
what the mushroom
had intended this for -
she said; "get back to the source,
you aint so soft, you're hardcore
but if you're gonna hold the light
then that's what deep breathing's for."
and then the river went calm
and she extended her palm
and I became the withered sentiment
of the sediment's psalm.

the diasporic embalming,
this tour is always evolving
and when it fails
become the nail
in the harmonic enlightening.

I boiled lavender envy
and sniffed it out of the neti
and held the hand of my yeti
until my psyche was ready
to reconcile the pretending,
this archetypical rendering
is the result of defending
all of this ego in frenzy,
when it's more about
the surrendering.

heart broken, heart open
is the same orphan unspoken
and in the morning we morph
into the glowing and groaning
and all the growing and owning,
floating, twisting, uproaring
channeling in a greater devotion
to a more meaningful moment.
Track Name: Sailing Windward
cuts on my feet, sharks in the sand
cilantro in my teeth, heart fulla plans
live at the beach, jar in the bag
sun in the lens, sky made of glass

sitting lotus with the honus
and a pirouetting purpose
pacific porpoise pique the surface
and I wonder what this Earth is
all these bipedal creatures
have gone viral and who let em
softly smile in denial
and turn away from the tremendum

I tried to ascribe a youthful dream
and summon up the whimsy
of all these wild moving things
with the ocean hanging open
like a lonely empty planet
I'm drawn to indecisions,
insecurities and damnits

are all these waves and battleships
greetings or departures?
I've seen Saturn's saddled bits
in the Newtonian archer
and as Adam in the garden
eating apples with his best friend
I pluck forbidden fungus
and discuss who must've left them

please -
do not invite dis ease to my ohana
I'm orchestrating farms
of well-intended rebel armor
I'm dissolving every boundary
as these instruments are thought of
I'm growing distant voices
with delicate implements and water

terra forming, terror farming
and the trembling terra firma
the ground beneath the bending flora
fawna rushing over
as the wind and waning water
lava flow up like the aura
pouring distant diaspora
down the raining grey tomorrow
draining all this sorrow
through the pain and guttered cargo
scattered ego winged embargo with the past
prevents the passengers
from passing through the pasture
where we rupture the disaster
and balance the hereafter
with the felt and present now.

and all of this brutal love as magic
breaks my heart open
to release the white rabbit
of my leaping potential.

I'm sailing windward,
stopped between this mountain and an ocean
the whales beneath and chicken's feet
remind my heart's devotion
with palms rising as the distant moon and peak
I stand as one with others under stars and grassy feet
to reconnect the introspective tongue and native hum
and redirect the conversation from the slums up to the sun

birds are barn'd and wings are clipped
before they learn to fly
save this and ponder what's been clipped
and ripped from you and I
I swear I saw a purpose covered in volcanic ash
I swear to all your gods the veneer is fading fast
I swear to every breath and all your lonely wonder why's
I swear to soar where every lore bore holes inside the sky

I’m spinning through the twisting everlasting
moving with the shifting of masked things
noosed by the ocean's moon-dancing
soothed by the same truth that damns me

these insecurities got nowhere to run to
I got time on my hands like clocks crumpled
I threw the struggle into the duffel
and thumbed uphill
then fell in love
with the heartbreak of the trouble

and it trembles and I tremble at the longing
and I revel yet I'm still empty in the morning
and it swells like it smells
right before the rain fell
and I swear I heard heaven in the pouring

now all these angels like ghosts show up mourning
little orphans in warpaint and warnings
hurling dolphins at coffins
in a return to the orbit
that sent quarks and quartz out exploring

you think the ocean gets lonely for morning?
you think the crashing has something to say?
all vulnerable and distant and open,
a mouth agape with a poem made to stray.